Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 held on to the number one spot at the box office this past weekend; it earned $50.3 million, bringing its total gross to $220.3 million. The latest from Disney, Tangled, tried to keep up, but even having Jeffrey Tambor and Brad Garrett do the voice acting for “Big Nose Thug” and “Hook Hand Thug” (respectively) couldn’t ensure Tangled‘s victory (Harry Potter has Bill Nighy, after all). New release Tangled made $49.1 million. Coming in third was Megamind (weekend gross $12.8 million, total gross $130.4 million), new release Burlesque claimed fourth (weekend gross $11.8 million) and rounding out the top five was Unstoppable (weekend gross $11.7 million, total gross $60.7 million).

Other new releases were Love and Other Drugs ($9.8 million) and Faster ($8.7 million), the movie posters for which inform us that “Slow Justice is No Justice.” I guess the U.S. legal system isn’t that great, then; Dwayne Johnson for Supreme Court Justice, anyone? The King’s Speech, out in limited release, earned $349,791, with an impressive per-theater average of $87,448. Also out: Break Ke Baad ($200,729) The Nutcracker in 3D ($68,208) and The Legend of Pale Male ($12,100).

Out this weekend are The Assistants and, in limited release, Black Swan, Bhutto, Night Catches Us, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, All Good Things and I Love You, Phillip Morris (though the distributor still has four days in which they can delay the release again, so double-check that it’s actually out before going to the theater).