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Sundance Film Festival: Seven Breakthrough Moviemakers at Park City in 2018

Sundance Film Festival: Seven Breakthrough Moviemakers at Park City in 2018


Much has been written about the smaller nature of this year’s Sundance 2018 Film Festival. While some applauded this return-to-roots of championing “emerging” voices, others lamented the lack of first looks at sure-fire Oscar contenders like 2017’s Call Me By Your Name.

Regardless of how “low-key” or not this year’s iteration truly was, this is still Sundance after all—full of networking that somehow feels less like traditional hotel lobby mixer-fare, and more like just drinking with people you like, alongside late night Lyft rides back to one’s condo mere hours before that morning screening you ambitiously promised you would make. Sundance is an elevated experience, and Trevor Groth and his programming team have always reflected this sentiment by presenting moments for festival-goers to discover new talent as a collective alongside thousands of other film-lovers.

Here’s a sampler of some breakthrough talent that caught team MovieMaker‘s attention at Sundance 2018. Though this list is not definitive by any stretch—we’re excited to learn about others’ discoveries at the fest in the coming months—, it’ll help you expand your sense of “who’s who” as we move into a year of surprise hits and fresh faces.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sundance Film Festival should keep the basic ideas of Robert Redford and “early on” Chairman Jack Crosby. These people wanted a Festival that allowed upcoming and young established Film Makers to show and introduce their work, new ideas towards the Creative Imagination of telling story in the “STORYWORLD” of Cinema, where many times audio and visual come together with genius people that have a different angle towards different cultures…played out by humans. “my thoughts’

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