Daphne Zuniga Wasn’t a Mel Brooks Fan


Prior to working with Brooks, Zuniga (in a promotional image, above) said she found his movie parodies “too crass and just not funny,” according to Turner Classic Movies. But she changed her mind after her Spaceballs experience.

“I have this image of Mel as totally wacko and out to lunch. And he is. But he’s also really perceptive, real sensitive in ways that make actors respond,” she said.

Brooks recalls that when he offered her the part of Vespa, she said, “I don’t know. I haven’t done much comedy.” To which he replied, “That could be a plus!” (He explained that part of good comedy is playing it straight.)

Zuniga, of course, turned out to be very funny in Spaceballs, mostly because her character seemed to be taking all the absurdity around her quite seriously.

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