On June 22nd, writer-director Richard Linklater (School of Rock) was in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse. Why? To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Slacker, an American indie classic. In a celebration of life in Austin, the cast of the original film was there in support of the film and its upcoming sequel/reimagining, Slacker 2011. The event was presented by the Alamo Drafthouse and the Austin Film Society, an organization Linklater—who lives and works in Austin—founded in 1985.

The original Slacker is a series of vignettes, taking place in Austin, depicting random interactions and mostly meaningless conversations. Slacker 2011 seeks to recapture these interactions in an updated setting, using up-to-date issues. Taken together, the films will show how much Austin has changed, as well as how it has stayed the same.

Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Austin Studios.

Richard Linklater, Clark Walker (“Cadillac Crook”) and the cast introduce the film.

Slacker sales agent John Pierson speaks.

Teresa Taylor a.k.a. “Pap Smear Pusher”

Representatives of the Texas Film Commission, including Carla Click, Laura Kincaid, Lindsey Ashley and her husband, John.

Photos by Johnathan Wynn/Austin Film Society