june-11.jpgIn one April weekend, actor Shia LaBeouf, born this day in 1986, ensured himself a bona fide young star by starring in the #1 movie at the box office (Disturbia), hosting “Saturday Night Live” and announcing his participation in the next installment of the Indiana Jones epic. Born in Los Angeles, LaBeouf began his career performing stand-up at local comedy clubs. After guest spots on shows such as “The X-Files” and “ER” he landed a lead role on the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens,” for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award for his role as the scheming, mischievous Louis Stevens. LaBeouf soon transitioned to feature films by leading the casts of Holes and The Battle of Shaker Heights, and later guesting in I, Robot and Constantine. As his acting chops have grown, so have LaBeouf’s roles, including his latest in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Bobby. Next up you can hear his voice in the latest animated penguin tale Surf’s Up and see him once again challenging robot rule in the much-anticipated summer blockbuster, Transformers.

Quotable: “I am making a quality cucumber shake here.”—Shia LaBeouf, as the quirky Louis Stevens.