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Video Views Pick: Seven Pounds

Video Views Pick: Seven Pounds

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DVD Release: March 17, 2009
PG-13; 123 minutes

Ben Thomas (Will Smith) is acting very mysteriously. We meet him at his lowest point, calling 911 to report his own suicide. But we already know that he was a successful engineer with a beautiful wife and a home on the ocean. So why is he stalking a girl (Rosario Dawson) in the hospital, making nasty calls to a meat company telephone salesman (Woody Harrelson), shuffling through IRS records, getting information from the city’s child care services, watching a Latino hockey practice, refusing to talk to his brother (Michael Ealy) and making his lawyer (Barry Pepper) cry? It’s because he’s searching for worthwhile people in order to do something important for them. In spite of his attempts at remaining detached, however, his mission is muddled when he becomes romantically involved with one of his targets. Smith’s convincing performance gives depth to this tale of a man determined to give his all to make up for a tragedy he caused.

DVD Extras: Commentary; four behind-the-scenes featurettes; deleted scenes.

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