Beginning writers (read: unemployed writers) look for merely two characteristics in their screenwriting software: Low price and a tolerable level of functionality. And if need be, the latter will be waived for the former. Thanks to a new partnership between Scripped and Write Brothers Inc., this sacrifice may not be necessary anymore.

The partnership will marry the online to the real-life as Scripped is the creator of Scripped Writer, the first free Web-based screenwriting application, and Write Brothers is the company responsible for best-selling traditional screenplay software Movie Magic Screenwriter.

As Chris Huntley, vice president of Write Brothers, makes clear, the deal will profit both companies uniquely: “Write Brothers benefits by exposing its brands and products to a generation of new, Internet-savvy writers. Scripped benefits by offering its clients a path from its basic scriptwriting tools to more professional tools.”

More specifically, the collaboration will give screenwriters the ability to submit scripts to the appropriate Hollywood outlets through Scripped, Inc.’s submission platform and will provide Scripped users with Movie Magic software at a discounted price. “Our initial discount to Scripped users is 10 percent off,” says Huntley. “We expect deeper discounts to be given to Scripped users as the details of our partnership become more specific.”

What else does Huntley expect to gain from this new joint venture? “Complete domination of the screenwriting market, both in real space and cyberspace,” he exclaims. “But we’ll settle for creating a fluid workspace for beginner and experienced writers alike, whether it is on their laptops or their Internet accounts.”