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The Screenwriter’s Toolbox is About to be Opened

The Screenwriter’s Toolbox is About to be Opened

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Want to write the next great script? More than that, do you want it to actually get made? No matter how wonderful your script is, if you can’t articulate the reasons for its absolute perfection to other moviemakers, it’ll just sit in your desk drawer and never see the light of day.

Screenwriter’s Toolbox is a day of seminars and workshops to be held on Saturday, May 8 in Santa Monica, California that can hopefully get you over some of the hurdles of screenwriting. The lessons to be taught include those on developing a character arc, brainstorming, organizing, outlining and, oh yeah, writing your script. Just as important is the seminar on how to effectively pitch your script, whether in a 30-minute story pitch or the 30-second “elevator” pitch. The event is presented by Chris Huntley, an Academy Award-winning software developer and vice president of Write Brothers, Inc.

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