Early Beginnings

I’d been a successful working
actor for three straight years and there were no signs that my
career would let up. Except of course for that nasty voice in
my head that said-funny how that voice sounded like my father’s”an
actor’s life is too unpredictable… sooner or later the
you’ll hit a dry period… you gotta have something to fall
back on … be responsible … grow up.”

Being A Screenwriter

I was having a blast writing, and for
a while I was content with enjoying the writing process and the
fantasy that one day someone would magically appear and want to
produce my movies.

Starting Out as a Moviemaker

I knew nothing about making movies.
But I decided to take a little script that I wrote in 30 minutes
at Barnes & Nobles about a husband and wife trying (and failing)
to have sex, and make a short film. I studied every book I could
find about filmmaking until I thought I knew everything (ha!).

Making Your First Film

I was actually so shocked anyone would
take me seriously as a filmmaker that I hired the first DP who
I interviewed! (I was really lucky that he knew what he was doing.)
And once I hired him, things just kind of happened. You make a
commitment to someone and the ball starts rolling and you let
it roll, and then it takes on a life of its own. So, I made my

Advantages of Internet Movies

I made A
Bedtime Story
and it has won eight awards and played at
over 30 film festivals around the world. I could keep the festival
thing going, but I figure the Internet has proven itself.

The Road to Success

I guess most would say it was a rough
road, but it’s the only road I could find. I don’t like
to look back. Sure there are things I would do differently, but
you do your best given the limitations that you have, and then
you live with it.