So you’re dying to make a horror film.

What kind, though? It sounds like an easy question, but given the immense amount of genre-bending that horror allows for, the choice can be anything but clear. After all, this is a genre where obvious cash grabs reside comfortably next to soul-piercing works of iconic originality.

Of course, it’s not just about tastes—various logistical factors play a role in the decision. Your budget, the size of your crew, your access to practical effects, digital effects or a solid make-up artist—each of these and more can change the shape of your film. It’s a lot to think about, so let our handy quiz get you on your way to becoming the next monster name in horror.

 (“The Shining” images courtesy of Warner Bros.)

This quiz is adapted from an article by Joe Yanick in MovieMaker Magazine’s Guide to Making Horror Movies, available to download as an eBook here. MM