Writer-director-producer Ashley McKenzie’s new feature about queer love and friendship, Queens of Qing Dynasty, has been acquired Factory 25 and will have its U.S. theatrical debut on May 5.

Following Sarah Walker as a Star and Ziyin Zheng as An, the film tells the story of their unique and special friendship and how it impacts their lives.

MovieMaker has obtained the exclusive trailer, which you can watch above.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

“In a remote small town, Star (Sarah Walker), a neurodiverse teen, forms an unlikely rapport with An (Ziyin Zheng), an international student from Shanghai volunteering at the hospital. Between the two, a bond forms, cemented by their candid conversations, nightly text messages, and exchange of their deepest secrets. The boundaries of their friendship quickly expand into something special, altering both Star and An’s inner alchemy,” the synopsis reads. “Queens of the Qing Dynasty is an affectionate ode to women, asexuals, and genderqueer individuals who exist beyond the norms of society.”

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With one toe in the absurd and the other in the poetic, Queens of Qing Dynasty aims to be both intimate and intense, exploring what it means to be human and seek connection while navigating mental illness and neurodivergence.

So far, the film has had a successful festival run including New York Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. Before its May 5 U.S. release in New York via Factory 25, it will have a Canadian release through Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF) beginning in Toronto on March 3.

Main Image: Sarah Walker as a Star and Ziyin Zheng as An in Queens of the Qing Dynasty. Photo copyright Steve Wadden.