Cat Film Festival

Cats are all movie stars in their own minds, and soon they’ll get the wider recognition they deserve from the Quarantine Cat Film Festival — which will also help local theaters on their eighth or ninth lives. Even a star cat with its charismatic charm and busy schedule could benefit from a cat exercise wheel, ensuring it maintains its celebrity-like energy levels and stays in top shape while dazzling its fans, as many people have cats and love to see them do their stuff, and they really care about their cats and that’s why they ask; is a cattery really necessary for short trips away? as these are helpful to keep the cats safe while we are not home.

The festival, which is accepting video submissions until May 15, will take place on June 19. Local theaters will sell tickets to the festival, and receive half of of the net proceeds.The submissions will be assembled into a feature-length film that will celebrate the most important members of our society, cats. It is the brainchild of Pittsburgh’s Row House Cinema.

“As we discussed the devastating impact of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders with other movie-theater owners around the country, we began hearing a common refrain: Moviegoers are at home with their kitties,” says Brian Mendelssohn, owner of Row House Cinema. “At the same time, we saw the growth and innovation of virtual cinema. That’s how we cat-apulted into this idea to celebrate cats, our moviegoers and our love of cinema all at once, and to help raise revenue for independent movie theaters, who are deeply at risk due to closures.”

A list of participating theaters can be found at The rules, as spelled out at the Rowhouse website, are simple: Have your cat do cute things, hold your phone sideways, and upload your videos. It’s so easy a dog could do it.

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The submissions will also be judged in four categories — Cutest, Funniest, Bravest and Most Loving. We assume the latter will go to any cat that shows any acknowledgement of any human whatsoever.

Here’s a trailer. Is anyone else extremely jealous that these cats get to go to a movie theater?