Good Luck to You, Leo Grande Provincetown International Film Festival
Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack in the film GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE. Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2022 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved

The winners from this year’s Provincetown International Film Festival, are out, and they include Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, which is now streaming on Hulu.

The film, which was directed by Sophie Hyde and stars Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack, took home two awards: the Warner Bros. Discovery Audience Award and Best Narrative Feature.

Esther Newton Made Me Gay directed by Jean Carlomusto also took home two awards — the other Warner Bros. Discovery Audience Award as well as Best Documentary Feature.

Previously announced awards include the 2022 Filmmaker on the Edge Award, which was presented to Call Me By Your Name director Luca Gaudagnino in conversation with filmmaker John Waters; the Excellence in Acting Award, presented to Dale Dickey (A Love Song) by film critic Thelma Adams; and the Next Wave Award in a panel which went to both Jenny Slate (Marcel The Shell With Shoes On) and Bowen Yang (Fire Island) with comedian Judy Gold.

Producer David Hinojosa, who served as a juror for the John Schlesinger Narrative Award, called winner A LOVE SONG “an astonishingly accomplished first film — understated, compassionate and achingly moving,” adding that director Max Walker-Silverman “is a thrilling new voice.”

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Filmmaker Annie Sundberg, who served as a juror on for the John Schlesinger Documentary Award, said of winner The Territory: The Territory is both a profound and layered work of urgent activism and a beautifully realized cinematic feat. But the real gift of this film is the transfer of authorship. As things turn rawer toward the end, the film transforms into a verite thriller told first hand by the people at the center of the battles, the Uru-eu-wau-wau. The subjects become the filmmakers and the results are unforgettable.”

Short filmmakers who won awards this year and those considering submitting shorts in future will be glad to know that PIFF is now an Academy Award-qualifying festival. That means that this year’s and future short film winners in the Best Narrative Short, Best Queer Short, and Best Documentary Short categories are now automatically eligible to enter the Oscars Short Films competition for the concurrent season.

This year’s festival ran from June 15-19, 2022. Next year’s Provincetown International Film Festival will be held from June 14-18, 2023.

Read the full list of winners below:

Warner Bros. Discovery Audience Awards

Warner Bros. Discovery Audience Award / Best Narrative Feature: GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE, directed by Sophie Hyde

Warner Bros. Discovery Audience Award / Best Documentary Feature: ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY, directed by Jean Carlomusto

John Schlesinger Awards

John Schlesinger Narrative Award: Max Walker-Silverman (A LOVE SONG)

John Schlesinger Documentary Award: Alex Pritz (THE TERRITORY)

Juried Short Awards

Best Narrative Short: “FANMI” directed by Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers & Carmine Pierre-Dufour

Best New England Short: “MONSIEUR LE BUTCH” directed by Jude Dry

Best Documentary Short: “HOLDING MOSES” directed by Rivkah Beth Medow

Best Animated Short: “POTTERO” directed by Lindsey Martin

Best Queer Short: “TOO ROUGH” directed by Sean Lionadh

Special Jury Prize: “CANS CAN’T STAND” directed by Matt Nadel & Megan Plotka

Main Image: Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack in the film GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE. Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.