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PowerProduction Software Announces StoryBoard Quick 6

PowerProduction Software Announces StoryBoard Quick 6

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PowerProduction Software is releasing its newest version of StoryBoard Quick, promising enhancements that will make visually planning media projects easier and faster. StoryBoard Quick 6 is equipped with new artwork and new storyboarding shortcuts, providing a streamlined user experience and integration of pre-production tasks. The new software leverages the power of the latest operating systems and offers faster, more flexible ways to deliver the finished boards.

“Layering pre-rendered characters and props with stylized locations, as well as with the user’s own photos, a filmmaker/producer can create shots to represent their set-up ideas in minutes,” says Jeff Walsh, vice president of product management at PowerProduction Software. “And the new script-dominated print format makes quick work of professional delivery of script and boards for writers.”

For moviemakers who are time- and money-conscious, StoryBoard Quick 6 can compose shots using the ready-made art as well as enable the laying and compositing of integrated artwork with imported photos. Improvements to the new version also include deeper integration with screenwriting applications such as Final Draft and the ability to import from scheduling and breakdown programs from the likes of Gorilla Film Production Software and Entertainment Partners.

“Storyboard Quick 6 is about the ability to create storyboards quickly and stylishly with easy integration of storyboards into the filmmaking pipeline,” says Walsh. “This version offers new and more artwork, simplicity and speed to every task. By streamlining the digital workflow for the professionals and enabling beginning videographers to plan projects, StoryBoard Quick 6 offers enhanced productivity to filmmakers who are looking for a starting point to the digital workflow.”

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