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Crowdfunder Pick: Perfect Song

Genre: Music Film/Romantic Drama

Synopsis: This is the story of a struggling artist who embarks on a journey after the death of her abusive father. She sets out to find love and ultimately her own voice.

This film celebrates our love affair with music. The idea of achieving a “perfect song” has a huge coming-of-age component attached to it, especially for an artist. It is about identify, and asking the question, “How does one deal with the legacy that has been handed down?” In our own experience as artists, this was something we could really pour our heart into: dealing with both inspiration and self doubt.

Much of the storyline centers around Joni’s search for her creative individuality. Music has its own character and narrative within the story and we’re set to create a sound the audience can relate to and connect with.

Perfect Song Mirror

Louise Williams in “Perfect Song”

Cast: So far, actress and singer Louise Williams in the leading role

Crew: Andreas Kranzler, United Kingdom (director, producer, writer); David Andrew, Australia (composer, producer, writer); Ian Locke, Canada (composer, producer, writer); Menno de Geest, Netherlands (DP); Nathan Happer, USA (photographer, story consultant, grading, trailer); Stefan Kunz, Switzerland (behind-the-scenes filmmaker, design); Markus Kranzler, USA (shading and post-lighting technical director); Christian Vårdal, Norway (post-production, conform, visual effects, grading, editing); Steven Herman, Japan (editing, GFX, visual consultant); Deborah Caleb Raffaele, United Kingdom (assistant director); Jonathan Zerger, Germany (second unit director/DP); Belle Quinlan, United Kingdom (producer); Simeon Geyer, United Kingdom (camera, lighting, teaser DP); Vincens von Bibra, Germany (web design); Samuel Liau, Malaysia (editing, GFX); Ken Chan, Malaysia (storyboard artist, visualization drawings); Daniel Herrera, Germany/Mexico (Berlin location producer); Jonathan Roth, Germany (technical pre- and post-production)

Perfect Song is an international collaboration of film creatives from 11 countries.

Kranzler says, “Through this project, we really want to let you in on the process of how we make this film, from the good to the not so good, the failures and the victories! We want you to be part of the journey and give you the opportunity to get a really practical lesson on independent filmmaking.”

About the Moviemakers: After studying acting and working as an actor for a few years, Kranzler decided to move behind the camera in 2005. His work as a director and creative producer includes trailers (including one for an international award-winning documentary), audio books, several video presentations/openers and commercials (viewed by live audiences of more than 20,000 people and featured on major music DVD releases of platinum-selling albums), a 30-minute documentary and several short films, and re-edit and re-version supervising of more than 44 episodes of primetime TV entertainment shows and documentaries.

Kranzler recently won a “Best Directing” award at the International Microfilm Competition in Macau, China. He has also lectured, coached and provided training for film-related subjects on three continents, and has been running (stream-coordinating) the TV&Media stream of Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia, for several years.

Although Kranzler will be directing the film, the project is a collaborative effort between him, Ian Locke and David Andrew. The three of them are writing the script together while Locke and Andrew are also composing the score together.

Platform: Kickstarter

Perfect Song Singing Bar

A still from the “Perfect Song” teaser

Campaign End Date: March 30, 2016

Request: “We already invested a fair amount out of pocket into the 14 months pre-production and writing process so far, plus everything that went into our teaser and Kickstarter campaign. One of the best parts about our project is the diversity that comes with people from 11 countries being involved, but it does pose a challenge when it comes to the budget, as travel and accommodation costs are higher than what they would be with a local crew. However, because of the caliber of people involved and the fact that we have all worked together successfully in the past, we know that it will be worth it,” Kranzler says.

“Our goal is to raise the hard costs of making the film. With Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing policy in mind, we’ve set the budget to the lowest amount allowing us to make this film, or £13,000 [US$18,600]. This is a true passion project. Money beyond our goal will enable more creative choices and options, but this amount will sufficiently pay for travel (~27 percent), accommodation (~29 percent), equipment (~15 percent), location fees (~8 percent), transport (~5 percent), basic supplies to look after our crew when working (~6 percent) and Kickstarter related costs (~10 percent).”  MM

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