You think you got the moves to stand out in a MySpace crowd? Prove it!

Paramount Vantage and MySpace have partnered to create the first ever, online film casting call. Three grand prize winners will have their on-camera debut in Paramount Vantage’s major motion picture, How She Move.

Three (3) lucky grand prize winners will be flown out to the Toronto movie set on an all-expense-paid trip to meet the cast and be in a major scene in the film. Submit your photo now to

Entrants will submit photos from their profiles to the film’s dedicated MySpace profile – Producers of the film will then choose three winners, who will be flown out to the movie set to meet the cast and participate in the filming of a major scene.

Winners will have the opportunity to film behind-the-scenes footage on the set. The winner’s footage will be professionally edited by Paramount Vantage and posted on the film’s MySpace profile and the winner’s profile. The contest will run through 6/11/07 and rules will be posted on MySpace.

Paramount Vantage’s director of interactive marketing, Bladimiar Norman said, “The partnership with MySpace is not only an exciting opportunity to offer three people the chance of a lifetime, but also an innovative way to build awareness of the film within its target audience.”

“This is the first time MySpace has partnered with a major motion picture to allow our users the chance to win a walk-on role,” said Josh Brooks, vice president of content and programming for MySpace. “MySpace is the perfect platform to spread excitement for the film and offer our users a unique casting opportunity for How She Move.”

The film centers on a high school student who is forced to leave her private school to return to her old, crime-filled neighborhood, where she rekindles her passion for step dancing. When she enters an international step competition in hopes of changing her destiny, she learns that winning may come at a price. The film is scheduled for release in early 2008.