Roger Brooks
MovieClubOnline founder Roger Brooks

Turning casual American moviegoers into frequent ones

may seem like a lofty goal for one man, but over the past three

years MovieClubOnline founder Roger Brooks has made great strides

toward reaching that goal. His Internet-based movie club’s strategic

partnerships have enabled thousands of members to receive discounted

movie tickets and related items, including video rentals, video/DVD

purchases, memorabilia and more. Here, Brooks talks about how he

developed his idea and his plans for the future.

Jennifer Wood (MM): When and how did the

idea for MovieClubOnline come about?

Roger Brooks (RB): I founded MovieClubOnline

in January of 2000, after working in the loyalty and rewards arena

for seven years prior. One of the main things I took away from my

former employer, Dine-A-Mate, Inc., is that consumers respond to

subscription services that hold value. At the time, there were very

few companies operating in an online environment which actually

charged for a service. Our management team was confident that our

model would work given the proper marketing channels. Hence, we

partnered with some of the largest theater and video stores in the

country and put the wheels in motion.

Most of the calendar year of 2000 was trial and error

while we built out our technology infrastructure. January of 2001

was our official launch of the site we showcase today, though there

were many changes along the way.

MM: Briefly, can you explain what it is

that MovieClubOnline does?

RB: MovieClubOnline offers a full year of benefits

to members that enroll in our subscription-based service. The membership

fee ranges from $30.00 to $50.00 per year and members can then purchase

movie tickets and video rentals at special member prices. Typically,

our members save up to 40 percent off regular box office and retail

prices. Much of the discount our members receive is based on where

they are located geographically. For example, our members in New

York City or Los Angeles will receive a greater discount than members

who live in smaller cities. The reason is that tickets and rentals

are more expensive in these markets.

Our members must purchase tickets in books of 10 and

they are sent Priority Mail typically within 48 hours. Members can

then use their tickets for up to one year at a particular theater

chain. Members also receive free tickets upon joining and are able

to earn free tickets based on spending. Members that place one or

more orders per year with our service will save money and have the

convenience of having their pre-paid tickets on hand.

MM: What did you hope that MovieClubOnline

could offer individuals that other companies weren’t?

RB: Our intent was to create the first ever

nationally based program that would reward consumers that frequent

movie theaters and video stores. As an individual, I may be able

to enroll in a similar program for an individual theater or video

store, but not able to enroll in a program for one-stop-shopping.

MM: Besides discount movie tickets and video

rentals, what are some of the other benefits that MovieClub offers?

RB: MovieClubOnline also offers discounts on

DVD and VHS movies, music, posters and movie merchandise. In addition,

we offer movie showtimes, reviews, trailers and all the latest movie


MM: How did you first get the word out about


RB: MovieClubOnline began by advertising in

the form of banner ads, links and e-mail. By being able to partner

with companies such as, and,

we were able to break into the marketplace and build a customer

base. As time went on, we were able to capitalize on larger and

more strategic partnerships. Today we have a presence on more than

1,000 Websites and customize our service for many of our partners.

MM: How many members do you currently have?

And who are these people in terms of geographic area, age, occupation,


RB: We currently have members in every state

throughout the country and reach tens of thousands of consumers

on a weekly basis. Our members come from all walks of life, but

they have one thing in common: they all enjoy movies. A majority

of our members are located in large cities and are between the ages

of 25 and 50. Our goal is to take casual moviegoers and turn them

into frequent moviegoers. We want people to see more movies for

less money. If they use our club, they’ll do just that.

MM: A large part of your business depends

on strategic partnerships. Who are some of your current partners?

RB: Some of our current partners include AT&T

Wireless,, Quixtar, AVON, and BankFirst.

MM: In what ways is MovieClubOnline still

evolving and changing? What are some of the additional benefits

you’re looking to offer to club members in the near future?

RB: The MovieClubOnline team is continuing

to strive to provide a better service and benefits to our members.

In the near future, we’ll be adding benefits to the club, which

include items such as the Zagat Survey Movie Guide, discounts on

concession items and personalized membership cards.

MM: What’s the one thing people are always

surprised to learn about your company?

RB: I think many people are surprised at how

easy the service is to use once they place their first order. Unlike

many other membership clubs, MovieClubOnline encourages our members

to utilize the service as often as they wish. The more our customers

use the club, the more they save.

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