Courtesy of John Whitney

Spoiling for a new opportunity? These five works-in-progress want your attention.

The Street Where We Live

Project Description: “I’m just two paychecks away from being on the street.” In the aftermath of the nation’s financial crisis, Mary, a single mom with two kids, finds herself faced with that exact situation when the factory where she works closes its doors for good. Providing for her children and keeping the family together while also maintaining some form of dignity in the process proves to be the hardest job Mary will ever have.

Principal Photography: October 2015 – fall 2016 (shooting one weekend a month)

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Seeking: Finishing funds (post sound, color grading) and producer’s rep.

Contact: John Whitney ([email protected])


Credit: Courtesy of 2365FILMS / JRLJ

Courtesy of Sridhar Rangayan

Evening Shadows

Project Description: Vasudha, a conservative mother in a small town in Southern India, is totally shattered when her son Kartik tells her that he’s gay and has been living with his lover for the past four years. Even as she grapples with her own fears and self-doubts, she has to deal with her intolerant husband and the traditional society around her. Can Vasudha rise above her own social dogmas and religious trappings to find an inner strength to knit her family together? Under the evening shadows, truth often plays hide and seek.

Principal Photography: Fall 2016

Location: India

Seeking: $50,000; post sound mastering, color correction, sales, marketing and distribution support

Contact: Sridhar Rangayan ([email protected])



Courtesy: Carletta Hunt

Courtesy of Jamelle Williams-Thomas


Project Description: Based on the novel Water in a Broken Glass, Water is a multidimensional story of love and self-discovery. It follows Tonya Mimms, a renowned artist who falls in love with a charismatic man and a captivating woman while tackling the biggest challenge of her career. Reeling in the throes of a love triangle, Tonya is forced to come to terms with herself, as an artist and a woman.

Principal Photography: Fall 2016

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Still Seeking: $70,000; lighting and grip package, color grading, blues musicians and artists

Contact: Carletta Hurt ([email protected], 202/486-4833)




Project Description: A veterinarian student and a struggling actor moonlight as hitmen. Trouble is, they’re not very good at it. Things go bad when a deranged stalker makes off with their latest victim. Now they have to get the body back before their bosses find out—and in time to make the audition of a lifetime.

Principal Photography: January 2017

Location: Los Angeles, California

Seeking: $300,000; distribution and some cast letters of intent in place

Contact: Jason Horton ([email protected])



Credit: Courtesy of 2365FILMS / JRLJ

Courtesy of 2365FILMS / JRLJ

Beautiful Chaos

Project Description: The film is written, produced and directed by Joseph Robert Louis Jobe. After another long night of numbing himself with scotch, Michael sits at his local bar. He wonders if he was right in making an emergency call, at 3 a.m., to his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, asking her to meet with him to discuss something incredibly important from their past that still haunts him. She is all too familiar with this scenario—which is why she carries a gun to this day…

Principal Photography: Spring 2016

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Seeking: $8,500 for completion costs, website, music rights, 4K post-production and sound mastering, and festival fees. We have talent, crew, locations and cameras.

Contact: Joseph Robert Louis Jobe ([email protected], 412/652-7475) MM

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 Featured image courtesy of John Whitney.