Five easy pitches: In this seasonal series, we showcase MovieMaker readers ready to get rolling this summer and fall.

The Lost Year

Project Description: After a rough breakup, Charlie Monahan dives headfirst into the world of online dating. Guided by his charismatic best friend, Rufus, Charlie meets the charmingly complicated Maggie Mae. Quickly learning the differences between expectations and reality, Charlie’s forced to confront the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the digital age. In an era where everyone’s connected, Charlie has never felt more apart.

Principal Photography: Summer 2016

Location: Victoria, Texas

Still Seeking: Post-production financing

Contact: Ryan O’Leary ([email protected], 848/391-1782)


TLY Feature

Poster by Christian Ruiz


The Man from Kathmandu Vol. 1

Project Description: A young, disaffected Muslim man travels to Kathmandu on his way to join ISIS in Syria and reconnects with his roots in the Himalayan nation, where he’s drawn into a moral battle that his grandfather and childhood sweetheart are involved in against a powerful local politician. He realizes some battles are fought in the heart and mind, and this changes him. However, the Americans were tracking him all along. He is forced into continuing the journey undercover on an extraction mission with a partner in the second volume, in which he ultimately sacrifices his life for America.

Principal photography: Summer 2016

Location: Kathmandu and Los Angeles

Genre: Martial Arts/Action-Adventure

Still seeking: $350,000, lighting and sound packages, visual effects team, post-production package in L.A.

Contact: Pema Dhondup ([email protected])



God Made Man

Project Description: Leading double lives and seeking redemption, three forsaken souls violently collide while drifting through an urban purgatory. Rhett, a homeless transgender man tired of hopping from couch-to-couch, craves stability and acceptance. His friend Doyle, a gay drag queen who turns tricks for rent money, hatches a reckless blackmail scheme, but needs Rhett’s help to pull it off. Their target is Ted, a corrupt lawyer running for district attorney, consumed by his sociopathic tendencies and desperation to secretly sustain his illegal transgressions. Over one cold winter night, these three disparate people are shockingly changed forever.

Principal Photography: Completed

Post Completion: December 2016 (expected)

Location: Austin, Texas

Still Seeking: $18,750, festival submission fees and travel, DCP transfer, promotional fees, post sound mastering and color grading. Investors (We raised over $16,000 for pre-production and production through Kickstarter, fundraisers, donations, investors and our own money; now we need finishing funds).

Contact: Nate Locklear ([email protected], 512/496-4194)


Image by Nate Locklear

Image by Nate Locklear


Social Redemption

Project Description: A hopeless romantic, two aspiring rappers, a tweaky dimwit and a sassy bartender dodge personal responsibilities and disastrous mishaps while attempting to attend a birthday party across town before the night ends.

Principal Photography: Fall 2016

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Still Seeking: $200,000, lighting and sound package, camera package, practical special effects, stunts, post sound mastering and color correction, production crew.

Contact: David Himes ([email protected], 480/766-8918)


Poster by David Himes

Poster by David Himes


An Absence of Angels

Project Description: An amateur documentarian is interested in solving the mystery surrounding the supposed haunted house in the neighborhood where he grew up. The home’s inhabitants have rarely been seen and stories have circulated through the years about what has been going on behind those walls. The documentarian hopes to discover the truth.

Principal Photography: Fall 2016

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Still Seeking: Investors, location (house that will act as the main location) and cast

Contact: Jeff Swafford ([email protected], 310/710-1017)

Visit: MM

Courtesy of iStock, powerofforever

Courtesy of iStock, powerofforever

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