For this week’s Trailblazer Tuesday we’re changing things up! MovieMaker wants to know your favorite trailblazing, worth-your-wallet, indie-friendly businesses. Nominate your favorite film businesses below!

film reels

Are you an independent film company willing to go to the ends of the Earth for your customers? Or, have you, as a customer, had a wonderful experience with an indie film business that you’ve been dying to share?

There’s knowledge in numbers; that’s why we want our readers’ help in nominating indie-friendly businesses for MovieMaker’s 2013 Independent Film-Friendly Business list (appearing in our Fall issue). Whether it’s a small, mom-and-pop camera shop in Nebraska or a huge film enterprise in Hollywood or New York, we want to hear about the businesses that have helped you the most in your filmic endeavors!

Nominations will take place from today until next Tuesday. Happy nominating!

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