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  1. TOM MCCOWN says:

    I like you guys for your common sense insights and basic knowledge of how the film industry works. More specifically re J. Penske owning a monopoly on all major film industry mags… what’s inherent in these kind of monopolistic business deals is corrupted product crafted by the political, professional, and personal views of the billionaire owners. Example: Fox News and Murdoch. The glaring corruption Penske presents to any independent journalistic review of films is the sight of the potential opportunity by all Hollywood talent and lit. agencies along with the studios to buy favorable film reviews and analysis.

    Thanks again for your work.

    Tom McCown

    • Tim Molloy says:

      Thanks Tom! I’ve worked at a couple of places where the owners had a financial interest in things we covered, and while the owners never asked for changes, they didn’t need to. Everyone was acutely aware of who owned what. I escaped those places and am grateful to be here.

  2. Kat Juse says:

    Thanks for the info…

  3. Jeffrey Mehlman says:

    i have both Gershwin scripts. Schraders and john Guare. Both really good.

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