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Newmarket Press Publishes Best Scripts of 2008

Newmarket Press Publishes Best Scripts of 2008

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The acclaimed Newmarket Shooting Script series, known for publishing books of renowned screenplays, offers several of this year’s Academy Award-nominated scripts, including Atonement, Juno, The Savages and Michael Clayton. Other 2007 Shooting Scripts include Knocked Up, Dan in Real Life and Margot at the Wedding.

In addition to the screenplay itself, Newmarket Shooting Scripts include introductions, still photos and full cast and crew credits. Many books in the series also include interviews with the screenwriter.

Shooting Scripts for Atonement, Juno and The Savages boast introductions by the movie’s screenwriters (Christopher Hampton, Diablo Cody and Tamara Jenkins, respectively). Michael Clayton’s Shooting Script includes a Q&A with the film’s writer-director, Tony Gilroy, and a forward by veteran screenwriter William Goldman, himself an Oscar-winner for penning Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the President’s Men.

The Shooting Scripts series is an invaluable resource for moviemakers and movie fans, offering insight into the mysterious process from script-to-screen. As a bonus to readers, enter to win a pack of Oscar-nominated screenplays today at

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