Black Mirror Season 6 Cast; Screenwriters to Watch; Emmy Firsts

Black Mirror Season 6 cast revealed; the Austin Film Festival shares 15 screenwriters to watch, and a simple trick for giving your movie a cool title. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

But First… Emmy Firsts: From Sydney Sweeney to Squid Game to former President Barack Obama, the Emmy nominations yesterday included a lot of firsts. Margeaux Sippell catalogues them here.

Screenwriters to Watch: Our friends at the Austin Film Festival have just released their annual list of Screenwriters to Watch. It includes cool biographies of the 15 screenwriters or screenwriting teams, my favorite thing is the section where the screenwriters share a movie they consider  great. For example, married duo Priya and Phillip Domfeh (pictured above) chose Ex-Machina (Priya) and Blade II (Phillip). That right there makes me want to read their work.

Hey, We Know This Guy! I’ve only met one screenwriter on this list, but if the other screenwriters are as good as he is, well, look out. I interviewed Diego Ongaro about his superb new film Down With the King in a podcast you can listen to on Apple or PlayerFM or wherever else you get podcasts or here:

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast: Variety just exclusively broke casting news on some of the actors who will appear in the sixth season of Black Mirror, and they include Zazie Beetz, Paapa Essiedu, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, and more. The new season, Season 6, will have more episodes than Season 5, which had just three episodes.

Hacky Joke of the Day:Black Mirror Season 6? Don’t you mean the last two years?”

The Stenographer: Is a new movie coming out that proves any one-word job title is also a good movie title if you put the word “The” in front of it. See also: The Assistant, The Accountant, The Cleaner, The Batman. I honestly can’t think of a one-word job title this doesn’t work with.

Really, Try It, It Works for Any One-Word Job: The Administrator. The Pathologist. The Stylist. The Clerk. The Driver. The Baker. The Gardener. Any one of these would be an ice-cold movie, going by title alone. Especially The Stylist.

No, I Have Not: Checked IMDb to see if any of these are actual film titles. Anyway, here’s Deadline with some details about The Stenographer, which sounds fine.

I Know What You’re Thinking: The Zookeeper. It’s just such a goofy phrase, right? I can understand you thinking it wouldn’t work. But I see it as a story about an older British woman — Helen Mirren? — overseeing a bunch of animalistic criminals, serving as kind of their surrogate mom, while ruthlessly exploiting their neediness. At least one of them, half her age, has a crush on her. And an old rival has just gotten out of prison to expose a dark secret. Excuse me, I’m going to go write this now.

Okay, I Did IMDb That One: It’s taken. 2001 Sam Neill movie.

Here to Tie It All Together: Enjoy this trailer for The Falconer, an acclaimed one-name-job-title film by Austin Film Festival Screenwriters to Watch Adam Sjoberg and Seanne Winslow that involves — yes! — zookeepers.

Main image: Phillip and Priya Domfeh, who are on the Austin Film Festival list of Screenwriters to Watch 2022.