Those MySpace junkies having a hard time walking away from their screens have got another reason to stay close to the keyboard. No, it’s not another friend request. After partnering with Lionsgate, MySpace has announced the launch of some themed skins from movies like Transporter 3, Punisher: War Zone, and The Spirit. What’s so great about being able to change your profile to one of these movie themes (aside from being able to stare at something a little more visually interesting than pictures of you and your cat)? By skinning your profile with the themes, you can be submitted into a sweepstakes to win some amazing prizes. Those who use the Punisher: War Zone skin can enter to win a prize package that includes a large-screen flat-panel TV, a PlayStation 3, multiple PS3 games as well as some Lionsgate movies on Blu-ray. The Spirit skin users can get in the holiday spirit with a prize that allows the user to donate $1,500 to either Feeding America, Toys for Tots or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in addition to receiving movie tickets for two for a whole year. Lastly, users who decide upon the Transporter 3 skin might have to leave the computer screen for a little bit with a prize package that offers two VIP plane tickets to anywhere in the world. No matter what, MySpace users who utilize the skins will get the star treatment, with exclusive access to photos and behind-the-scenes features to their chosen movie. If you’re reading this, you’re already halfway there. Enter before it’s too late.