My Bloody Valentine 3-D
directed by Patrick Lussier

Does the prospect of having 3-D pickaxes and other sharp objects thrown at you sound like a good time? Do you enjoy seeing beloved, classic slasher films from the 1980s remade? If you’ve said “yes” to one or both of these, then this just might be the movie for you. Like the 1981 original, the movie centers upon Tom Hanniger (played by “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles), who returns to his hometown on the 10th anniversary of a massive killing spree that took place on Valentine’s Day. As the bloodshed and gore begins once again, Tom is forced to deal with his past firsthand as the killer comes after him, his ex-girlfriend and former best friend. While the 3-D aspect of the movie may lend itself to some of the more terrifying scenes, it may also take away from some of the natural suspense of the original with the flying axes becoming a one-trick pony that takes away from the story.

directed by George Tillman Jr.

This biopic is sure to have critics split down the middle. Following the life of Christopher Wallace from drug dealing on the streets of Brooklyn to his period as the most well-known and prolific music artists of the 1990s, the movie is a reminder of what made Notorious B.I.G. such a cultural phenomenon and larger-than-life presence in the rap world. With a cast that includes eerily spot-on performances from Jamal Woolard as the rapper, Angela Bassett as his mother and Derek Luke as Sean Combs, the strength of the movie is in the acting (especially Woolard’s). But some critics may be left feeling like more could have been done or the story could have been told in a more interesting way. Whatever the case, for Biggie fans, it’s not to be missed.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop
directed by Steve Carr

What can one expect from a movie starring funnyman Kevin James, co-written by James and co-produced by James (a credit also shared with I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry co-star, Adam Sandler)? Well, a lot of James and a pretty goofy movie whose intention is to be silly from the get-go. The actor stars as the titular character, a mall security guard without the chops to make it as a real police officer. But when the mall undergoes a hostage situation, Blart’s skills are put to the test. While the movie may not be intended for a serious audience or the critic looking for a movie of substance, Paul Blart, armed with a Segway and a uniform one size too tight, might give you the hour and a half detour into the ridiculous needed to help you forget all about the state of our union.

Hotel For Dogs
directed by Thor Freudenthal

It’s not Marley & Me, but a nation that flocked to theaters to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua should have no problem taking their kids to this, another cute little story with a cast that has some interesting surprises. Based on the Lois Duncan book of the same name, the movie tells the story of Andi and Bruce, two orphaned teens sent to live with their aunt and forced to give up their dog because of her allergies. When they decide to keep the dog in a nearby abandoned house, the house becomes a shelter to more strays than the two would have ever expected. While the kid-dog combo make this a perfect go-to for families looking to bring their children to something this weekend (unless your kid is into pickaxes or hip-hop), the movie also has some great appearances from Lisa Kudrow and even Don Cheadle that will keep the parents awake (if the barking doesn’t already).