Ten years ago many prognosticators believed that by
now we’d be watching movies on our computers more often than the
big-screen. While such overestimation was the downfall of several
Internet behemoths, the dot-commers who survived continue to reinvent
themselves and the future of the Internet. For co-founder
Robert Moskovits, that means assembling the most comprehensive library
of online entertainment-and waiting for broadband to take over.
With a base of 800,000 customers and growing, he just may hold the
key to the future of the Internet.

Jennifer Wood (MM): Can you give a brief
description of exactly what it is that MovieFlix does?

Robert Moskovits (RM): has developed
and maintains a library of more than 2,700 full-length movies, short
films, independent films and television shows in over 30 popular
categories. The MovieFlix service is available over the Internet
via streaming video technology from the MovieFlix Website at
MovieFlix also offers MovieFlix Plus, the Internet’s leading premium
movie subscription service which acts as a companion to MovieFlix’s
existing free movies.

MM: With the fall of such one-time Internet
giants as AtomFilms, previous online business models have had to
change. How has the mission of MovieFlix changed, if at all, since
its inception?

RM: Our primary source of revenue came from
syndication of movie streams to other dot-coms.  With the demise
of many Internet companies, MovieFlix had to turn to alternate revenue

MM: Why do you think MovieFlix has grown
in success while other like-minded companies have closed their doors?

RM: MovieFlix has a singular focus: to offer
high-quality video streams at a reasonable price.  That, coupled
with our low burn rate as well as solid business plan, has allowed
MovieFlix to continue to grow its membership base and revenues.

MM: What are the different subscription
options offered to MovieFlix members and what is the cost to join?

RM: has two levels of membership:
MovieFlix Basic is free access to thousands of full-length movies,
short films, independent films, television shows and much more.
MovieFlix Plus is your all-access pass to hundreds of premium movies
and member services. MovieFlix Plus is only $5.95 per month for
unlimited movie viewing. There are no additional fees, charges,
or per movie charges

MM: How do you go about choosing films to
be showcased on your site? Do you accept submissions?

RM: While we do accept independent film submissions,
it’s not our main focus (we are not an indie film site like iFilm
or AtomFilms). We mainly concentrate on licensing (on a performance-based
revenue share) full-length feature movies of all genres.

MM: What are some of the changes MovieFlix
will see in 2003?

RM: More high-quality movies added, as well
as studio deals for first-run features.

MM:  What do frequent visitors to the site
tell you?

RM: That the site is extremely simple to navigate
and use.

MM: Where do you see the Internet-and the film
industry’s place in it-in five to 10 years?

RM: Broadband is still in the primordial soup
stage in the evolution of video streaming. The next five years will
show steady growth and improvement in the quality of video content
as well as delivery methods as broadband becomes ubiquitous. In
10 years we’ll all watch movies this way…

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