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MovieMaker #108 Preview: THE ACTIVISM IN FILM ISSUE: CAN MOVIEMAKERS SAVE THE WORLD? The Spring 2014 issue is on newsstands, and available digitally, starting April 22, 2014. Inside, MovieMaker takes on a big question: What impact does a film have, really? Whether it’s a social issue documentary advocating for meaningful action within a particular field, or a rousing drama looking to inspire a shift in attitudes and perspectives, this season is all about changing the world.

In our three-part Activism in Film feature series, Beth Portello poses these questions to Academy Award winners Oliver Stone and Errol Morris, as well as a host of working documentarians, grant organizations, engagement campaign strategists, and more. Editor-at-large Paul Tukey covers our 7th annual list of Moviemakers of the Planet, and environmentalist filmmaker Elle Matthews shows how ‘greening’ up your set will save you money, too.

Also in this issue, we list the 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2014 – our annual guide to the film festivals around the world that provide the most bang for your submission fee buck. If you’re planning to break into the festival circuit this year with your hot new project, you can’t go wrong with these, with their perfect mix of quality feedback, incredible parties, top press opportunities and programmers who truly care.

Plus: Jeremy Saulnier shares his epic road to Blue Ruin, Tilda Swinton sucks blood in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive, writer-director Steven Knight confines Tom Hardy to a car in Locke, and John Turturro shares 30 Things He’s Learned.

The issue is available on stands throughout the U.S. and Canada on April 22, and for digital purchase via iTunes throughout the rest of the world. Like what you see? Subscribe now for a year (or two!) of more moviemaking innovation, inspiration and advice!

MovieMaker Magazine #108: The Activism in Film Issue

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MovieMaker Magazine #108: The Activism in Film Issue


INTERVIEW: How can moviemakers maximize the impact of their social issue films? Oliver Stone, Errol Morris, and others weigh in.

NO-BUDGET MARKETING ATTACK PLAN: You blew your budget in post and have nothing left for marketing? Don’t worry—you can be your own publicist.

RE-DIRECTED: THE ART OF OPPORTUNITY: The best-laid plans can go astray when capturing real life. Embrace the chaos.

CREATIVE CONFINEMENT: Writer-director Steven Knight likes a challenge. On his latest film, Locke, he brings Tom Hardy along for the ride (literally).

THE BIGGER PICTURE ON FINANCING: Before launching another Kickstarter campaign, consider these old-school alternatives.

THE SCHOOL OF COPPOLA: Gia Coppola adapts James Franco’s short story collection, Palo Alto, into a lyrical paean to the sweet intensity of adolescence.

JARMUSCH BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN SWINTON: Was Tilda Swinton born to play the coolest vampire ever in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive?

2014 MOVIEMAKERS OF THE PLANET: Our annual list of 10 industry stalwarts who used their celebrity power for the good of the earth.

MINDFUL MOVIEMAKING MADE EASY: It’s a win-win: ‘Green’ up your film sets and save dough with these environmentally conscious production practices.

50 FILM FESTIVALS WORTH THE ENTRY FEE, 2014 EDITION: “I submitted to one of these fests and all I got was free travel and lodging, networking opportunities, a fabulous prize package, party stories, and distribution for my film!”


CALLBOARD: Final Draft 9 gives screenwriters a boost; moviemakers get into the Tribeca hackathon “Story Matters.”

BOOK REVIEW: Storaro’s Art of Cinematography, plus a cinephile’s guide to world locations.

DIY LEGAL: CA’s new LLC laws have producers thinking twice about setting up shop in the state.

FESTIVAL BEAT: Park City reminiscences, Serbian espionage scares, and epic Elvis paraphernalia.

HOW THEY DID IT: On the making of Blue Ruin: the lean, mean, low-budget revenge thriller that almost didn’t make it to Cannes.

REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: When the going gets tough, Pittsburgh, Detroit and New Orleans make movies.

THINGS I’VE LEARNED: With three decades of experience, John Turturro explains how to do the right thing. BY

FLASH FORWARD: Stacy Martin steps into the weird world of Lars von Trier with her stunning debut in Nymphomaniac: Volume I.


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