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MooVi Cinema productions(India) Pvt.Ltd.

MooVi Cinema productions(India) Pvt.Ltd.


We are an Indo-American joint production company, based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Our main activity is to produce feature films in English & Kannada for the world wide exhibition. The Funding Agency from USA and S.N.B.Murthy, Cinematographer/Director, also Executive producer, in-charge of the feature films to be produced. A science graduate from Bangalore University, Cinematography Degree and an experience of two decades in feature film industry in Karnataka, which has an annual production of about 100 feature films per year, not only as Cinematographer, has practical experience in pre production work, involving preparation work, starting from story line, to developing the script, dialogues, screenplay, organizing team, technicians and artists, and on hand shooting and post production.

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