“I’m just a guy who makes movies.” The first sentence in Clint: A Retrospective (Sterling, 288 pages, $35) perfectly sums up the moviemaking powerhouse that is Clint Eastwood, and is actually a quote from Eastwood himself. The four-time Oscar winner (and 10-time nominee) and his 40-plus film career (both as an actor and director) are the focus of the book, which is written by Eastwood’s friend—documentary moviemaker, movie historian and film critic Richard Schickel.

Schickel gives us a view of Eastwood that few ever see: A simple, yet restless man. He lives in California, drives himself around, and is puzzled why the paparazzi still follow him. Schickel sums up Eastwood’s normalcy through the first section of the book: “He goes to the movies with his wife and kids just like regular folks.” The notion that Eastwood is an easy-going, yet hardworking guy is seen throughout the entire book.

Clint: A Retrospective chronicles Eastwood’s long career, beginning with his early acting work, including his uncredited feature debut in the 1955 B-movie Revenge of the Creature , and his lead role as “Rowdy Yates” on the popular western television series “Rawhide” (1959-1965). From there, the book delves into each of his major features, detailing the moviemaking process and the behind-the-scenes aspects of his work, from such early classics as A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and his directorial debut The Beguiled, to his most recent productions, Changeling, Gran Torino and Invictus.

The book contains many quotes from Eastwood, as well as information on each movie and its background from Schickel. The friendship between the two resonates through each section and gives the book life. Along with the book, a DVD is included containing a short documentary, The Eastwood Factor, which was made by Schickel. An extended version of the documentary, with narration by frequent Eastwood collaborator Morgan Freeman, is set for release on June 1st.

Clint: A Retrospective is a perfect read for both diehard Eastwood fans and moviemaking buffs. Chronicling one of the longest and most important careers in Hollywood, it can encourage moviemakers at any point of their careers. One of the last quotes in the book finds Eastwood reflecting on his impressive career: “Every movie I make teaches me something, and that’s why I keep making them. I’m at that stage of life when I could probably stop and hit golf balls.” Although almost 80 years old, Eastwood shows no signs of slowing down. With his latest feature, Hereafter (starring Matt Damon), hitting theaters in December, it looks like Eastwood will continue to make movies and inspire audiences for years to come.