Sharon Stone, William H. Macy, Elijah Wood and Lindsay Lohan in The Weinstein Company’s Bobby – 2006.

On May 11, 1927, designers sketched the concept for the Academy Award statuette out on a napkin, and in the Crystal Ballroom of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, the now-famed Oscar was born. With cinematic history woven intimately into its fabric, the downtown Los Angeles hotel, long famed for its sophistication, went on to host the first years of the famous awards ceremony and has since welcomed productions including Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Roman Polanski’s Chinatown and Steve Kloves’ The Fabulous Baker Boys onto its grounds.

Decorated with the Spanish-Italian Renaissance in mind and sectioned into rooms that open up to cathedral-style, hand-painted ceilings, the hotel drips in hand-detailed wood paneling, crystal chandeliers and classical artwork and sculpture, all of which make it a prime location to recreate the bygone elegance of the early film industry. However, even more striking than its elite history, the hotel has seen a plethora of politicians and dignitaries make their way through its dining halls and bedrooms, making it a hotspot for political flicks from Wolfgang Petersen’s In the Line of Fire to Emilio Estevez’s Bobby, which will be released on November 23rd.

Other notable films shot in this L.A. landmark include:

Pretty in Pink
House of Sand and Fog

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