Donato Lecce’s commitment to bringing a new superhero to the masses is unquestionable. The 35-year-old entrepreneur, life coach, filmmaker and actor from Puglia, Italy has used his unique and very hyphenated personal story to create a content-rich multiverse consisting of an online platform (, a 7-episode web series, comic books and even an original soundtrack built around an Italian superhero, Doran Eccel, that he originated and personifies: Doran the Mystic Warrior.

Doran Eccel is a tattooed and sophisticated mystical warrior who is part Thor, part Lara Croft, and part Marcello Mastroianni, with a sprinkle of John Wick. He is handsome and mysterious, just don’t get too close.

Lecce’s passion for cinema and its most iconic action characters, from Bruce Lee and Sylvester Stallone to Tom Cruise and Jean-Claude Van Damme inspired Doran. He also took cues from the Marvel Universe, although Doran Eccel is one of a kind.

Lecce fleshed out the character, his surroundings and ambitions with in an interactive comic book with three volumes: The Dawn of a Warrior, Connection Quantum and The Original Metaverse. He also created a 12 episode docuseries: Doran – A Warrior is Born – available on YouTube or the Doran platform. He hopes the thoughtfulness and energy he put into those endeavors will lead to an even bigger stage for Doran.

Lecce’s ultimate goal is to bring Doran’s story to the big screen. He says it’s his, “all-Italian dream that
I can only realize through tenacity, confidence, contagious energy…and a bit of luck.”

To learn more about Doran the Mystic Warrior, check out or the Doran the Story channel on YouTube.