Technology and the entertainment industry have a slightly shaky history. Without the development of computer generated imaging (CGI), we might have never been blessed with films like Toy Story, Shrek and The Incredibles. Though some believe that the revolutionized 3-D is ruining cinema, change can often be for the better. Just ask those who criticized the new “talking films” in the late 1920s; we all know how that argument turned out (hint: we kept it).

We have no way of knowing how changes in technology will affect the industry, but the only possible direction to go seems to be forward, so why not embrace it?

A new social buying Website called Maverick Buyer has emerged from the digital jungle with the promise of meeting the specific needs of the entertainment industry. Maverick Buyer was designed not just as a means of saving money, but as a way to build relationships between people in the business of entertainment.

As this business gathers more supporters every day, MovieMaker caught up with Galen Christy, one of the site’s founders, to find out more about this exciting new opportunity.

Hugh Cunningham (MM): What made you decide to create a social buying site whose sole clientele is the entertainment industry?

Galen Christy (GC): When the concept of social buying came about, we thought this would be a great opportunity to create a helpful tool for our community, making them aware of the resources available within this industry while also helping them expand their network. There are tons of independent filmmakers, fashion designers, music producers and game developers who are striving to create new content for consumers, but are finding it difficult due to the economic climate and overall price of the services. We wanted somewhere for people to go to get a break from the high prices and ultimately create relationships with vendors that could help them with future projects.

MM: How do the services you provide differ from those found on a site like Groupon?

GC: Maverick Buyer’s deals are extremely creative and interesting because they encompass the industry of entertainment specifically. Sites like Groupon do not offer the types of industry deals that we offer because we cater to such a niche consumer that has different needs like production rentals, post-production services, networking events, project development, theater space, storyboarding and schooling, etc.

MM: What sort of access point to the film industry does Maverick Buyer provide that aspiring moviemakers can’t find elsewhere?

GC: As I said, we are focusing as heavily on not just the financial side of things, but the social side of things. Maverick Buyer is a key to the inner workings of this industry for the fact that we unveil the curtains to a side of the industry that not a lot of people see, but that is very helpful for overall career and project advancement.

MM: What has the response been so far? Are people in the industry eager to join with Maverick Buyer and offer their services to moviemakers?

GC: The response has been amazing! We were literally shocked at how receptive people have been. The need for something like this was so strong that vendors have been flocking to utilize our service to promote their business. Vendors have been so appreciative to have an outlet to get exposure to their target consumers without having to spend tons of money on expensive advertising while the consumers have been ecstatic to have a resource such as this available to them.

MM: As technology has advanced, the film industry has altered to match it. Do you think Maverick Buyer is the next step in digitally connecting the entertainment industry?

GC: Absolutely. People are hungry for knowledge, resources and tools. Maverick Buyer is the resource and tool this industry has needed for quite some time and we have been happy to bring it to them. The model of Maverick is a fascinating one because it can mold, change and grow to meet the needs of our vendors and consumers, so while their needs grow and change, we will do the same.

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