I gotta say, it’s a kick-n-the-pants writing my column in MovieMaker Magazine and this blog that goes along with it. I began this past January, and sure hope MM lets me keep it up.

Why am I doing it? Uhmmm… need you ask? I’m egomaniacal and know you await each Wednesday and each print issue with bated breath, to read what I’ll say next! HA! Of course not. I guess my honest answer is two-fold: First, it’d be great to help you in some small way, while entertaining ya just a little; and second, yeah, I’m working my butt off to get my own projects airborne, and thus this exposure is a good thing.

The main reason is the first one: Hoping to help in some way. In that spirit, I want to pause, six months in, and ask that the house lights be brought up… I want to see the audience for a second. I have treaded my share of boards (look it up), and a key element of any theatrical performance is the live audience… knowing that just beyond the footlights and the spot, there in the hushed blackness, is a packed house listening, watching, waiting on you to flub your next line. Ha! It’s exhilarating (and terrifying at times). There are few rushes like it.

Here we are in the mid-summer doldrums… the biz slows down, people are out, you are heading to the beach or game or out to mow the lawn. But take a second and shoot me an email to and tell me the top two issues you’d like to see addressed in my column/blog over the next six months. Will ya? I want to keep it real and meaningful for you. So let me know. Tell me a little (a little) about your project, your journey and what you hope for in your life over the next six months. Cool?

By the way, here’s a candid pic of me sitting by my car, reading the “Future of Moviemaking 2009” MovieMaker issue, which is now on the stands. (It’s jam-packed with great counsel and advice and ideas, with a bunch of interesting prognostications and prophecies about our business.) I was out watching my daughter practicing jumping with her horse. As I said… the halcyon days of summer.

So, get the sunscreen off your fingers and tap me out an email today.

Ride on.

David Marlett is a writer and director currently producing and directing the feature film, Of Kings & Cowboys. Marlett’s desire to direct and control his own work led him to create BlueRun Productions in 2007. He’s been acting for most of his life, and is also a non-practicing (“recovering”) attorney and CPA, with 20-plus years experience consulting and managing a wide assortment of companies in industries spanning from healthcare to entertainment. The Spring 2009 issue features his latest installment of his print column, Marlett & Me, with this sister blog on MovieMaker.com.