Despite being one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the director’s quasi-sort-of-prequel-well-no-not-really-it’s-a-companion-film was unable to grab the number one spot at the box office, falling victim to the powerful formula of children’s movies + summer vacation = money.

But even though Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted came out on top, earning $60.3 million over its opening weekend, the $50 million pulled in by Prometheus is none too shabby. Coming in third was last week’s champion, Snow White and the Huntsman; its weekend gross of $23 million brings its total so far to $98.4 million, which is more than enough to justify the sequel that Universal is already planning. Rounding out the top five were Men in Black III (weekend gross $13.5 million, total gross $135.5 million) and The Avengers (weekend gross $10.8 million, total gross $571.8 million).

Out in limited release over the weekend were Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding ($100,250), Safety Not Guaranteed ($100,000), Lola Versus ($34,097), Dark Horse ($15,000), Letters to Elena (Cartas a Elena) ($7,500) and Paul Williams Still Alive ($6,116).

Coming to theaters in wide release next weekend—and probably pushing The Avengers out of the top five, if not necessarily climbing to one of the top two spots—are That’s My Boy and Rock of Ages. Out in limited release will be Extraterrestrial, Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present, Tahrir: Liberation Square, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Patang, The Tortured, The Woman in the Fifth and Your Sister’s Sister.