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Louis Cioffi, ACE, has found “Dexter” to be an enthralling assignment for the past four seasons.

An award-winning editor for his work on the highly acclaimed series, Cioffi joined Dexter in 2007. Cioffi has worked extensively in network, cable and features and is currently working on independent film, Hidden Moon. Createasphere shared a recent interview with Cioffi about what it’s like to cut the award-winning series.

Christine Purse (MM): What was your first job in “the industry?”

Louis Cioffi (LC): My first job in the industry was as an apprentice editor to documentary editor Don Finamore. I met Don at St. John’s University; he was the professor for my film production class.

MM: What led you to a career in the cutting room?

LC: When I was at St. John’s, I was a production intern at Silvercup Studios and I hung out on movie and commercial sets. I liked watching the process but got bored on the set, where there was a lot of waiting between takes and setups. I loved to peek over the director’s shoulder to watch his monitor while they were shooting and try to figure which of the takes was best. Editing my student film was the most fun I’d ever had. I love puzzles, and editing to me is a multi-sensory puzzle with many valid solutions.

MM: What was your first thought when you were offered Dexter, then read the first script you were going to edit?

LC: I was the most excited I have ever been to start a job. I was also very nervous because the bar for the show was set so high.

MM: How does your interaction with the writers work?

LC: We are all trying to tell the story of every episode in the most interesting, visceral way. If the director and I have a question about how to play a particular scene while I am editing, we can walk down the hall and into the writer’s room and ask. They are on the same floor as editorial and it is a very collegial environment.

MM: Would you share with us some of your favorite scenes that you have cut for the show?

LC: Of course I can:

* The diner scene in “An Inconvenient Lie,” where Lila and Dexter discuss addiction (episode 203).
* The scene when Dexter is taken from is apartment by the FBI and discovers Sgt. Doakes is suspected to be the “Bay Harbor Butcher” (episode 209 – “Resistance Is Futile”).
* “The British Invasion,” the aquarium scene where Dexter pretends to want to run away with Lila (episode 212).
* The rooftop scene in “Go Your Own Way”, where Dexter confronts Miguel Prado with the fake blood stained shirt (episode 310).
* In “Road Kill,” the road stop scene where Dexter confesses to Trinity that he is upset about accidentally killing an innocent man he thought was “an animal” (episode 408).
* And finally, “Take It” the scene where Dexter shares his killing of Cole Harmon with Lumen, consummating their relationship (episode 508).

MM: What are you working on now?

LC: Before I started season five of Dexter I worked on the HBO pilot, Luck. At the moment, I am editing an independent film called Hidden Moon for director by Jose Bojorquez, who I worked with before on his film Sea Of Dreams.

MM: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

LC: Work as hard as you can on whatever show you are working on, meet as many people as you can, stay in touch with them and have a positive attitude.

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Article courtesy of Createasphere.