Falling For Christmas Trailer; Louis Armstrong; Bale vs. DiCaprio
Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in Falling For Christmas courtesy of Netflix

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues is as much about race as it is music; Christian Bale says Leonardo DiCaprio gets offered every role before him; The trailer is out for Lindsay Lohan’s new Netflix movie Falling For Christmas. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

But First: Our own Tim Molloy is in vibrant Indianapolis this week covering the Heartland International Film Festival.

On Satchmo: Sacha Jenkins, the director of the new documentary Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues, is also the co-creator of a short-lived but brilliant magazine in the 1990s called ego trip. Just like he did back then disguising a magazine about race as a magazine about hip-hop, Jenkins is doing something similar with his Louis Armstrong documentary, which just made its Midwestern premiere at Thursday’s opening night of the Heartland International Film Festival. As much as Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues is about music, it’s also about race and how Louis Armstrong was a quiet revolutionary. Read Tim’s full story here.

Bale vs. DiCaprio: Christian Bale said in his new GQ cover story that Leonardo DiCaprio has been offered just about every role Bale has ever gotten first. But Bale isn’t sour: “Oh, dude. It’s not just me. Look, to this day, any role that anybody gets, it’s only because he’s passed on it beforehand,” Bale said in response to a question about having lost several roles to Leonardo DiCaprio in the ’90s, including Jack in Titanic. Leo was also originally meant to play Patrick Bateman in American Psycho before Bale took over. The list of iconic roles from other actors’ careers that were initially offered to Leonardo DiCaprio is staggering. Read our full story here.

We Knew Dahmer Had… Weird Taste: But did he really watch The Exorcist III every day like it’s portrayed in Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story? Our own Tim Molloy did some digging, and the answer is not quite, but close. Detective Dennis Murphy, to whom Dahmer eventually confessed his crimes, testified that Dahmer told him he watched his videocassette of the film two to three times a week for six months. Find out about the creepy parallels between the movie and Dahmer here.

George & Tammy: Vanity Fair has an exclusive first look at Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain as country music icons George Jones and Tammy Wynette in Paramount’s upcoming miniseries George & Tammy. They look so cute together, and Jessica Chastain is just stunning.

Another First Look: Variety has the first photos of Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s Ferrari movie. Driver plays the 59-year-old former race car driver when he’s struggling in his life and his marriage in 1957, just as he embarks on the 1,000-mile Italian car race called the Mille Miglia. To make 38-year-old Driver look 21 years older, they give him grey hair and a very high, freckly forehead. Something tells me this will not stop the internet from swooning. Also, long may Adam Driver play older Italian men from iconic luxury brands.

Falling For ChristmasLindsay Lohan is an heiress with amnesia in the new Netflix holiday movie Falling For Christmas. She ends up getting taken in by a lodge owner (Chord Overstreet) and his daughter. “The doctor did say that if I did normal things, my memory might come back,” she says in the trailer. I’m happy that Lohan is making a comeback. The movie comes out on Nov. 10, just in time to start putting up Christmas decorations too early.

Main Image: Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in Falling For Christmas courtesy of Netflix.