Adrian Perez, founder of the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, is elated to announce the final additions to its 2023 lineup, with the virtual festival going live on December 20.

Among the contenders nominated for the Best Picture of the Year are:

  • “Into Temptation” (USA) · Quinn da Matta
  • “No.8 Reporting” (Canada) · Aljosha Kilmov, Matthew Lyon
  • “Stepmother” (Finland) · Joakim Pusenius
  • “The Good Death” (Slovakia) · Tomáš Krupa
  • “You Can Stay Over (If You Want)” (USA) · Zach Siegel
  • “The Old Young Crow” (Japan) · Liam LoPinto
  • “Solar Voyage” (Poland) · Adam Zadlo
  • “Monkey Beach” (Canada) · Loretta Sarah Todd
  • “How May I Help You” (USA) · Ella Harmon
  • “The Soldier” (Italy) · Matteo Faccenda
  • “Almost Home: Life After Incarceration” (USA) · Bill Wisneski
  • “Saarna” (Finland) · Akseli Koskinen
  • “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” (Bulgaria) · Nikolay Bogomilov
  • “Abracadavers” (Canada) · Anna Cooley, Reamonn Joshee, Morgan Ermter

The festival also shines a light on honorable mentions and selection standouts, such as Paul Hikari’s “King Of Blades,” which promises a blend of spectacle and human depth. Gwen Gunyung Lee’s “And Then” is celebrated for its innovative animation and emotional storytelling. “California Locos: Post-Modern LA” by Dave Tourjé offers an immersive dive into the Los Angeles art scene. Nicholas S. Mata’s “Colorado” is a sensitive exploration of a national tragedy, while Cyprian Hercka’s “Affentanz ‘Hunter’” redefines the music video genre with its cinematic storytelling.

Emily Skye’s “The Meal” is lauded for its dark comedic approach to personal revelations, and Wesley Alley’s action film “Four Hour Layover in Juarez” captures a thrilling survival narrative. Joey Min’s “Status: Retired” showcases what can be achieved in action cinema on a low budget, and Xingyu “Harry” Chen’s “Attached” delivers a horror experience that reflects our digital obsessions.

The Lonely Wolf International Film Festival continues to champion innovative storytelling and cinematic excellence, inviting audiences to experience the full spectrum of human emotion and creativity through its diverse and captivating lineup.

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