Adrian Perez, founder of the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, is elated to announce the official jury selection for its 2023 summer classifiers, now available on the official festival website, The selection exemplifies the festival’s unwavering dedication to diversity and innovation in cinema.

This year, the festival will spotlight films that delve into human essence amidst adversity, challenge perceptual boundaries, and reflect on society and culture. The lineup boasts a diverse thematic range from resilience to societal reflections, experimental narratives to genre-blending tales.

From left to right: “Drifter” (Portugal), directed by Simão Cayatte, “Same Old” (Canada), directed by Lloyd Lee Choi, and Miranda’s Victim (USA) , directed by Michelle Danner

Lonely Wolf Film Festival Featured Films

Highlighted films capturing the theme of human essence include the bleak “Flesh of My Flesh” by Sunitra Sivabalan, mirroring human vulnerabilities in dystopian settings similar to The Road and Snowpiercer. Likewise, Yiwen Cao’s “Graduation” presents an atmosphere of societal expectations set against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Under cinematic experimentation, Hunter Brockmann’s “A Month. A Day. A Year.” offers a Kafkaesque view of dreams and reality. Margreet Kramer’s “Felicity Of A Rice Grain” breaks narrative norms by turning a short tale into a profound meditation on love.

Films reflecting society and culture encompass Daniel Calderone’s “Lady of the Night,” which dissects power dynamics and privilege, while “Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ” by Eirini Alligiannis celebrates the vibrant world of urban street art.

In the realm of genre-blending storytelling, Mariah Morgenstern’s “Death And” amalgamates comedy and suspense, whereas Glenn Maneval Jr.’s “Sunrise Trail” innovatively combines horror with video game atmospheres.

Pushing perceptual boundaries, Greg Lyon’s “Reality Game” navigates the blurred lines of virtual and real worlds, challenging our perception of digital existence.

Deanna Schultz’s “Yoga Therapy For Life” delves deep into yoga’s holistic healing amidst modern stresses. Meanwhile, Darieus Legg’s “Stoker Machine” artfully blends surfing thrills with cosmic animations, blurring reality and fantasy.

Lonely Wolf Film Festival Announcements

In addition to unveiling this intriguing line-up, the festival also rolls out its new poster for 2023, setting the stage for the upcoming virtual cinema and film festival this December. This platform provides a unique opportunity for independent filmmakers to showcase their projects to an extensive online audience, including film buyers, distributors, executive producers, and esteemed film magazines. With last year’s festival reaching an impressive 881,726 people and hosting 3,883 attendees, expectations for this year are high.

Lonely Wolf Film Festival Esteemed Jury for 2024

Looking ahead, Adrian Perez has also gathered an esteemed jury for 2024, comprising significant figures from the independent cinema world. The jury includes multi-award-winning professionals like Adrian Perez (Founder), Ares Sirvent, Emiliano Sette, Emily Skye, Deepak Reddy, Lovell Holder, Daniel Talbott, Samantha Soule, Roger Q. Mason, Victor de Almeida and Rodrigo Preiss Maya. The list further includes accomplished individuals like Sofia Rovaletti, Director of Development at Mojo Global Arts, Hannah Brown, an English Literature Graduate from Cambridge, Annie Knox, a multi-award-winning actress and writer, and Jade Ethan Terblanche, a former book editor. Every member brings a unique perspective, ensuring a well-rounded judgment for the film entries.

The Lonely Wolf Film Festival continues to be a beacon for global cinema, uniting filmmakers and audiences in a shared passion for storytelling. As Adrian Perez aptly mentioned, “In these turbulent times, cinema offers a sanctuary to share stories, evoke emotions, and inspire change.” The festival eagerly awaits the participation of its global audience and remains dedicated to championing diversity and the essential role of film.