Great news for residents of Massachusetts: Lisa Strout has just been named the head of the Massachusetts Film Office (MFO). Why is this great news? Well, let’s look at Strout’s track record: She has worked in the film industry for more than 30 years as a location manager on such films as A Room with a View, Mystic Pizza and Falling Down and, as the director of New Mexico’s Economic Development Department, she was responsible for inspiring big-budget films like No Country for Old Men and The Avengers to shoot in New Mexico, creating thousands of jobs and boosting the local economy. So basically, having Lisa Strout as head of the MFO means that all you Massachusetts moviemakers will have more opportunities to work on bigger films.

This is great news for non-Massachusetts residents, too; those looking to shoot their films in MA can take advantage of the 2006 film tax credit law and work with Strout in her quest to make “the Massachusetts film industry tops in the nation.” 

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