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Thanks for the subscription. You know, I’m substituting

film school with your publication.  As I’ve already spent $20,000

studying acting, so I thought it was a wise choice. Keep it coming.


—R. Todd Licea Seattle, WA

Stunted Recognition

Dear Editor,

I want to say that I enjoy your magazine because the

articles and advertising are concise and informative. I also think

the artwork by Tim Gabor is outstanding. Keep up the professional

quality work and I’m sure the popularity of your magazine will escalate.

There is one subject that I would like to see covered

by your magazine; it involves the stunt industry and the exclusion

of these talented people from Oscar consideration. It is great to

see a legend like Steven Spielberg finally receive his well-deserved,

formal recognition from the Academy. But I bet Steven himself would

have to agree that some of his best efforts were more than helped

along with those from the stunt world. Consider some of these Spielberg

action films: Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Raiders

of the Lost Ark, just to name a few. So why does the Academy

continue to ignore the outstanding work of these highly talented

people? Would it be possible to add, at least, a stunt coordinator

category? These are people who actually risk, and often times lose,

their lives to create entertainment for us. There are dozens of

highly skilled professional stunt people, both past and present,

who deserve to be honored on Oscar night. I think that adding at

least one or two stunt categories to the Oscar ceremonies would

not only be a long-awaited addition, but would make the entire evening

much more exciting.

Blue Skies,

Ron Sarchian Kent, WA

Problem Solved

Dear MovieMaker,

Please send a one-year subscription of your mag to

me. Thanks. I enjoy your writing styles and presentations, but I

don’t get to see the magazine very often due to being in San Francisco.

—Saul Lewis, San Francisco, CA

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