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Drive-In Suggestions… and

thank you for the recent article, “10 Drive-In Theaters Worth
the Drive,” in your Summer 2003 issue. I would like to update
a few things. There are two drive-in motels left: the Star in Monte
Vista, Colorado (a Best Western chain with 60 rooms) and the Fairlee
Drive-In in Fairlee, Vermont. Also, the Drive In Theatre Fan Club
went on “hiatus” in December 2000. It might come back,
but the Bialeks are raising a family now and are devoting their time
to their retail Website. My favorite West Coast drive-in is the Wheel
In Motor Movie in Port Townsend, Washington.

Steve Swanson, Eugene, OR

Did you folks get any information from a great
Website,, created by Andy Hilbert? This
guy is dedicated to keeping the excitement—and
heritage—of Wisconsin’s Drive-In movie theaters alive.
Some of the currently active drive-ins in Wisconsin that he lists
are: Gemini Drive-in Theatre, Skyway, Field Of Scenes, 18 Outdoor
Theater, Keno Drive-in Theater, Sky-Vu, Starlite 14, Moonlight
Outdoor Theater, Big Sky Drive-In Theatre. (He also lists the status
of a
long history of other closed drive-ins). It includes maps, pictures,
history, current status, links to current WI drive-ins and other
links. A great site!

Scott Thom, Operations & Photo Archives
Wisconsin Film Office

We were very disappointed to see that your contributor, Monty Mickelson,
neglected to include our theater in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. The Vali
Hi is essentially the last drive in built in the Twin Cities in 1966.
It is very modern, and is doing very well. All summer long we will
fill up the theater on Fridays and Saturdays, due to the first-run
movies we offer all the time.
Mike Mazzitello, Vali Hi Drive In Theater,
Lake Elmo, MN

Women in Film Have Something to Say
This is the first time I’ve seen the mag, and it’s
a really high quality publication you’re putting out. I read
your editorial page on the shortage of women involved in the filmmaking
process (Issue #51, Vol. 10), and thought that was great. There
was a quote by one woman, and she’s right on the money. There
are lots of women out there with talent not getting the recognition
deserve and/or being pulled into the industry as they should be.
Men seem to be dominating the arena, and that’s too bad because
women have lots to say, and should be saying it through the many
facets films of making films available to women.

Also, it was great to see the
piece in the mag on Robert Rodriguez! This guy is a phenomenon
and a force to be reckoned
with. He’s great! That’s the kind of stuff that I hope
I see lots more of in MovieMaker: gutsy material covering the “renegades” in
the industry.

John Leschinski, Connell, WA

Liz Likes the Ink
Ijust wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed
the article (“Liz Garbus Gets Out of Prison”)! Getting
out of prison sounds good. It’s great that you guys give
so much space and support to documentaries and documentarians.
It is
much appreciated.

Liz Garbus, New York, NY

Kids Enjoy MM, Too
My son Jared was one of the kids in the “Kid Moviemakers” article
in the Summer issue. He was quite impressed with seeing his name
in print. We are new to your magazine but have really enjoyed the
two issues we’ve seen so far.

Stacey Martin, Davis, CA

I Love You, Now Change
I want to thank you for your magazine. I like that you have the
old ones on the Web, but wish the articles were organized. While
last [issue] had a few pages on financing, have you ever done anything
on a syndicate? And if I’m writing something, should I tell
my (potential) sources that it may be for a screenplay, therefore
maybe needing to agree for possible compensation? (Even if their
knowledge is basically “public,” that is from government
or university work?) Maybe a simple dos & don’ts article
in each magazine dealing with legal issues, with specific cases
listed for examples, would be helpful. I’d also like to see
articles on making big pictures on small budgets. Obviously that’s
the way most successful directors start.

Richard Ross, Cincinnati, OH

Props for the HOPs
I truly enjoy the HOP [Hands-on-Pages] articles on your Website
and appreciate being able to “keep up” with so many
in the industry, if only in a cursory way. Thank you very much.
You offer
so much educational info without “selling” yourselves
on the site. You simply giving me insightful information, and that’s

Constance Mortell, Chicago,

Girl Power Is Right on Money

Regarding Kirsten Smith’s article, “The
25 Greatest Girl Power Movies of All Time” (Issue No. 51, Vol.
10), I wholeheartedly agree with Aliens (1986) as her top choice.
After all, who needs Xena when you have a woman warrior/Christ figure
Sigourney Weaver in the role of a lifetime—one that should
have earned her the Best Actress Oscar. Yes, she puts the g-r-r-r
in girl power!

However, I have a problem with Ms. Smith’s
second choice: Amelie (2001). Frankly, as long as we’re thinking “French,” I
would [substitute] Chocolat (2000), first, because it’s a
better film; and, second, because Juliette Binoche does a more
effective job of “finding
herself and changing the world a little bit in the process.”

girl-power performances that could be on the list: Bette Davis
in Now, Voyager (1942), Katharine Hepburn in The African
Glynis Johns in The Court Jester (1956), Kim Darby in True
(1969) and Josie Lawrence in Enchanted April (1992).

Phil Holabach, Broken Arrow, OK

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