Do you want to be a screenwriter? Do you want to learn how to apply your skills to the new industry model? A new master’s degree program through San Diego State University’s Global Campus, launching in the fall of 2021, will help students fine tune their writing skills and learn from expert instructors – from anywhere in the world.
“The industry is evolving . . . and the evolution is both decentralized and global,” said seasoned screenwriting teacher and program instructor Jennifer Van Sijll. “With the massive impact of streaming, a lot of the old paradigms have been challenged and new platforms and opportunities abound. With so many new players needing to fill their product line-ups, it’s a good time to be a scriptwriter.”
The Master’s of Fine Arts in Screenwriting program is the first of its kind in the California State University system. Students in the program will study all aspects of screenwriting including for stage, television, features, and video games with industry and instructional experts. The program is low residency and completed in two years.
Although the majority of the program can be completed online, there is a six-week summer residency in sunny San Diego, which was recently dubbed by MovieMaker as one of the best places for moviemakers to live and work this year. This summer in-person component of the program gives students the opportunity to work on set and develop their film and television production skills. 
“What makes the program unique is writers are not only honing their craft as writers, but they’ll also come away with some production skills and some familiarity with editing, working the camera, framing,” said Stuart Voytilla, program sponsor from the School of Theater, Television and Film. “Getting them on set and developing these skills will make them stronger writers on the page.”
SDSU Global Campus’ MFA in Screenwriting program is looking forward to welcoming the first cohort in fall 2021. Applications for the program are open now.