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Kodak Returns to Park City

Kodak Returns to Park City

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Moviemakers at the 2010 Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals will once again be the beneficiaries of Kodak’s contributions to independent film. 
On January 22, Kodak will host a “Fireside Chat” panel at Slamdance featuring three moviemakers with films screening at the Sundance Film Festival. The chat panel will begin at 1 pm at the Treasure Mountain Inn, where producer Vanessa Hope (The Imperialists Are Still Alive!), writer-director-cinematographer Joshua Safdie (Daddy Longlegs) and cinematographer Gavin Kelly (The Dry Land) will discuss the budgetary and aesthetic reasoning behind shooting on Super16 film. The panel will be free of charge for Slamdance festival attendees.
“Filmmakers want the latitude, flexibility and resolution that only film provides, and these formats help filmmakers work within any budget,” says Michael Zakula, sales manager, feature films, for Kodak’s Entertainment Division. “Each panelist will explain why film was the right choice for bringing their vision to the screen.”
In addition, a product grant—10,000 feet of Kodak motion picture film—will be presented by Kodak to the winner of Slamdance’s Cinematography Award.
At the Sundance Film Festival, which runs concurrently with Slamdance in Park City, Utah, nonprofit Women In Film (WIF) will present another Kodak product grant. This award will go to a female director in the Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program who is chosen by a jury of educators, moviemakers and artists from WIF. The grant will include services from Technicolor and a cash prize from The Incentives Office.
“Kodak’s presence at these festivals is another example of our longstanding dedication and support for independent filmmakers,” continues Zakula. “We’re privileged to provide these innovative storytellers with the tools they use to share their unique and personal visions. It’s also an important opportunity to listen and understand the needs of independent filmmakers, who bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to cinema.”
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