Kodak’s Oscar collection will grow soon as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced it will present the company with its ninth Oscar statuette for the development of emulsion technologies incorporated into the KODAK VISION2 family of color negative films. Kodak chairman and chief executive officer Antonio Perez will accept the award on behalf of Kodak at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards on February 9 in Los Angeles.

Introduced in 2002, the VISION2 family of films consists of seven camera negatives that incorporate innovative technologies that offer moviemakers maximum creative flexibility. Cinematographers on numerous Oscar-nominated films for Best Cinematography have used the stock, including last year’s Pan’s Labyrinth, The Black Dahlia, Children Of Men and The Prestige, among others.

“We have been listening to the creative artists in our industry and will continue to provide the tools they want to tell visually-engaging stories,” says Mary Jane Hellyar, president of the Entertainment Imaging Division and executive vice president of Kodak. “This tremendous recognition from the Academy is a testament to our people, their capability, drive and vision, and is also a great example of Kodak’s continuing commitment to the future of moviemaking.”

Kodak has a long history with the Academy, going back to the first Academy Awards in 1929, with all the Best Picture winners to date having been produced on Kodak motion picture film.