Kaitlyn Dever goes up against most people’s worst nightmare in the trailer for No One Will Save You: an ill-willed intruder breaking into her home.

But this isn’t just any home invasion: it’s at the hands of a terrifying alien creature who likes to stalk and sneak up on people in the dead of night.

Watch the No One Will Save You Trailer Above

From 20th Century Studios, No One Will Save You premieres Sept. 22 on Hulu.

Written and directed by Brian Duffield, Dever plays “exiled, anxiety-ridden” Brynn Adams, according to the logline, who battles the mysterious alien and tries to stop it from killing her.

To Brynn’s horror, as the trailer shows, her attempts to flee her home and find solace in her neighbors. But her hopes are dashed when she realizes, in classic horror movie style, that the phone lines are dead. Setting out on her bike to find help, she sees an overturned mail truck.

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Her suspicions that her neighbors may have also been terrorized by the alien are confirmed when she finds a ransacked home that looks empty — until she sees its inhabitants in the yard, twisted and contorted into unnatural shapes as a dark cloud envelops her town.

The trailer also reveals that the alien has supernatural powers to manipulate its environment without physically touching things, as evidenced by the nails being pulled out of the wall by an unseen force. It ends with Brynn being chased through the garden by the horrifying creature.

In addition to Dever (Booksmart, Ticket to Paradise) No One Will Save You also stars Geraldine Singer (Get Out, Green Book), Ginger Cressman (Diamond, Jesus Revolution), Dari Lynn Griffin (Mayfair Witches, The Marked) and Zack Duhame (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Dunkirk).

Watch the No One Will Save You trailer above.

Main Image: Kaitlyn Dever in the No One Will Save You trailer — credit Hulu