Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince couldn’t reclaim the top spot at the box office this week, but did hold steady at number two with a weekend gross of $17.7 million. Top honors went to the Judd Apatow written and directed Funny People. It seems like everything Apatow touches turns to gold. (Well, not entirely; he did produce Year One.) Funny People earned $23.4 million in just three days—a drop in the bucket next to Harry Potter’s combined gross of $225.4 million, but still nothing for Apatow to be upset over.

The third and fourth spots went to animated guinea pig comedy G-Force and Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler rom-com The Ugly Truth, respectively. Children’s movie Aliens in the Attic was a disappointment, debuting this week at number five, earning only $7.8 million. Meanwhile, The Hangover is still in the top 10 (this week it’s at number eight), though it’s slowly working its way down the list after having been in theaters for over a month.