After helping rake in more than $2.7 billion for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it’s fitting that Johnny Depp will be the recipient of the Career Achievement Award at this year’s Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF). Depp has played many an indelible role over the past three decades, strengthening the state of cinema with characters like Edward Scissorhands, John Dillinger, Ed Wood, Hunter S. Thompson, Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd and, most iconic of all, Captain Jack Sparrow. In receiving the honor, he will be joining the likes of Daryl Hannah, Laurence Fishburne and Nicolas Cage. Sir Sean Connery will be acting as the Festival Patron, presiding over the ceremony at the Balmoral Club in Nassau and personally presenting Depp with the award.

Depp is a unique choice in that his ties to the Bahamas run deeper than most actors who might have been considered for an honor such as this. “It gives us great pleasure to welcome Johnny Depp, an esteemed resident of the Bahamas, to the Bahamas International Film Festival,” said Bahamas minister of tourism Vincent Vanderpool Wallace. “We are proud of all his remarkable achievements and the great contributions he has made in all walks of life. We are glad this prestigious award and tribute is going to almost one of our own.” Depp also owns a home in France, which, in addition to being almost Bahamian, makes him almost French as well.

The sixth annual BIFF will take place from December 10 – 17. It will feature 68 films from 26 different countries. For more information on the fest, visit