Juneteenth Faith & Freedom

John Carpenter talks with us about how Halloween Ends, and much more; a new doc looks at the myths and reality of Juneteenth, our newest federal holiday, “Makin’ Copies” Guy Rob Schneieder spills some alleged tea on Bill Murray. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

The Real Juneteenth: One of the best documentaries I’ve seen this year is Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom, which just played the Heartland International Film Festival and is playing the Dallas Film Festival today and Monday. It’s an astonishing look at overlooked and deliberately hidden American history, presented with honesty and hope. You can watch our interview with the film’s executive producer and host, Rasool Berry, below. And watch the entire film — for free! — here.

John Carpenter: The man Jordan Peele considers the all-time greatest horror director talked with Joshua Encinias about Halloween, a franchise he started 44 years ago and now collects checks and writes music for. They also discussed the new Halloween Ends, a possible Thing sequel, how moviemaking is like coalmining, and Orson Welles. You’ll like it.

Say It Ain’t So: In a new interview, Rob Schneider contends that Bill Murray hated the early ’90s Saturday Night Live cast, and especially hated Chris Farley. That’s weird because when Murray appeared on SNL to promote Groundhog’s Day in 1993, he and Farley did one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches.

House of the Dragon: Everyone ready for a new one Sunday? Here’s our look at a small change the show made from the novel that inspired it that brilliantly raises the stakes of everything onscreen. And here’s our look at four more changes as it made its way from book to television.

Entergalactic: One the latest Low Key Podcast, Aaron Lanton, Keith Dennie and I talk about the Kid Cudi production Entergalactic, a sprawling animated love story/musical that’s a very relaxing watch. You can listen here:

Main image: Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth” with Rasool Berry in Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom.