Jennifer Fox Turns to Crowd Funding for My Reincarnation
For her latest project, My Reincarnation, documentary moviemaker Jennifer Fox (“Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman”) utilized a new and innovative fundraising technique, via social networking, that is quickly becoming a viable option for indie moviemakers: crowd funding.
To gain funds for the film, Fox turned to the crowd funding platform, [was going to include a direct link to the site here]. As a result, My Reincarnation has become a true indie success story. The movie has become the #1 top raising finished film on the site, as well as the #2 highest raising documentary at any stage of production.
Before the movie’s release on October 28, MM asked Fox about the long-in-production My Reincarnation (which follows a Tibetan Buddhist Master and his western-born son), as well as her experience utilizing crowd funding.