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jennifer fox my reincarnation crowdfunding kickstarter

jennifer fox my reincarnation crowdfunding kickstarter

Jennifer Fox Turns to Crowd Funding for My Reincarnation
For her latest project, My Reincarnation, documentary moviemaker Jennifer Fox (“Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman”) utilized a new and innovative fundraising technique, via social networking, that is quickly becoming a viable option for indie moviemakers: crowd funding.
To gain funds for the film, Fox turned to the crowd funding platform, [was going to include a direct link to the site here]. As a result, My Reincarnation has become a true indie success story. The movie has become the #1 top raising finished film on the site, as well as the #2 highest raising documentary at any stage of production.
Before the movie’s release on October 28, MM asked Fox about the long-in-production My Reincarnation (which follows a Tibetan Buddhist Master and his western-born son), as well as her experience utilizing crowd funding.

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