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Adventures in Self-Releasing: Three Things Left

Adventures in Self-Releasing: Three Things Left

Blog - Adventures in Self-Releasing

Took a week off from the blog. Just needed to catch my breath for a second.

The Mos Art in Florida held The Last Lullaby over for a second week. And then the Zeitgeist in New Orleans did the same. Not sure if there will be other stops for Lullaby. That’s now 68 days that we’ve been in theaters, and we don’t have anything else lined up for the moment.

I’m hoping to launch the limited edition DVD of Lullaby in the next four weeks or so. As a lead-up to the launch of the limited run DVD, on Thursday we’ll be launching the online sale of Ben Lovett’s award-winning score for the movie. It will be available on our Website (which ties into Neoflix), off Ben’s Website, on Amazon and on iTunes.

People ask me all the time when I’ll be ready to move on to my next project. As with everything in this process, it’s probably different for each person. For me, I still have three areas I want to pursue and follow through until the end:

1. Limited DVD launch
2. Domestic cable/DVD distributor
3. Digital rights

1. Limited DVD launch
For the launch, this means finding a fulfillment house, someone to take the orders and ship them out. I have decided on Neoflix. Other moviemakers I know and/or admire have said positive things about Neoflix. Plus, Neoflix only takes 12 percent of each sale. Doing this launch also means finding someone to create the artwork for the DVD and making sure everything technical looks and sounds right. I’m not sure if other moviemakers have this fear, but it dawned on me as I began creating this limited DVD that more people will probably experience and discover Lullaby on DVD than ever did at the theater—so I better make sure I’m happy with the way Lullaby looks and sounds on the DVD.

2. Domestic cable/DVD distributor
At some point, I would love for people to have the opportunity to purchase Lullaby at Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc. I would also love for it to be at Blockbuster and available through Netflix. And, of course, it would be great, too, if Lullaby found a home at some point on television. But chances are, to make this happen I will need a company that has a relationship with these outlets. Most moviemakers use a domestic sales agent or producer’s rep to broker the deal between them and the domestic distributors and I will probably need the same. I’m currently in talks with several of these reps to determine the best partnership for me and Lullaby.

3. Digital rights
Lastly, it’s no secret that the so-called digital rights are becoming more and more valuable every year. Everyone says that the name of the game is to carefully guard these rights and that when you do make a deal, only enter into NON-EXCLUSIVE agreements. I still have the domestic digital rights and plan to continue educating myself before dealing them over to someone else.

Self-releasing has been a difficult but invaluable road for me. And, if I do it the next time out, I’ll change a handful of things. But, faced with the decision between self-releasing and entering into a non-transparent distribution deal, I’d happily choose the former for my next movie, too.

After living in Los Angeles for seven years, Jeffrey Goodman returned to his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana to direct The Last Lullaby. Co-written by the creator of Road to Perdition, and starring Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander, The Last Lullaby was filmed entirely in and around Shreveport and financed by 48 local investors.

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